Hello again everyone!

I hope you all had a great holiday weekend!

I want to start off this short work week by introducing you to this lovely lady...Anika! I simply adore her sense of style both in regards to fashion & size.

I think Anika rocks!

*Tell us a bit about yourself Anika-
My blog is a tribute to my love and passion for design, and also about the joy that accepting and celebrating our fashionale selves can bring. I started the blog as a creative outlet, I have been sewing my own clothes for years, ad darig to start my blog was the next step in embracing and reapecting my self, creativity, wide hips and all LOL! The blog is about the clothes I live my life in, and my journey to advocate self respect and respect for others.

*What inspires you the most?
Other people inspires me the most, seing how other people live their lives is a moving thing to behold. On a creative level I am inspired by absolutely everything, and feel an overwhelming need to create fashion all the time, be it interiour or clothing! Basically it is a bit bonkers, but I am embracing that too LOL.

*Where can we find more of you?
In Oslo, at the school were I work as a counsellour! :D Facebook is always a good place to be my friend or follow my blog, among lots of other networks. Also, I am Norwegian Fashion Editor to Skorch magazine. Hopefully you can soon find me at Etsy, selling my own brand of designs.. By Anika, sounds good no? I just need to rearrange my life first, but I will get there eventually :)

*What is your secret obsession?
My passion for design and blogging is not so secret anymore, so what is my secret obsession now? I love to sing, and if I can find the guts I`ll be pursuing that dream as well. Soul, Jazz... oh it makes my heart pound, and being on stage is one of the great adrenaline rushes in my life!

*What is your dream job?
Designer/Singer/CouncellourTalkshow host-extraordinaire! I like to dream big, no point in dreaming small!


Anna Liesemeyer said...

What a fun lady:) Anika is one of my favorite names too!
Thanks ladies!

Jamie said...

What a great lady! Already added her to my reader! Great feature!!!!